UX Designer in Berlin

Jobtyp: Job
Anstellung: Festanstellung
Einstellungsort: Berlin

Department: Product
Required Experience: Experienced

Connect is our newest product team at Ableton and is responsible for making Link, our technology that allows Live, iOS apps and other music software to seamlessly play in time. Link is just the beginning of their mission to better connect instruments and musicians.

As part of the Connect team you’ll work across products and platforms to explore new ideas and features, then deliver the right ones to our users. We're looking for someone comfortable with uncertainty and exploration, someone who can shape something concrete out of a fluctuating state. Someone who gets excited at the idea of weaving disparate parts together into something that feels right. 

As a team, we organise our own work and we welcome your input for shaping our processes and culture. We believe diverse groups of people make better teams. We’re committed to increasing diversity in our workplace and providing equal opportunity throughout our recruitment process.

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure your team’s work is informed and guided by an understanding of users’ contexts, behaviours and needs.
  • Understand, communicate and refine the key points that direct or constrain an experience.
  • Work with your team to create and revise a plan with appropriate research and design steps.
  • Lead design activities within a team to propose an experience that fits the direction and constraints, or challenges them. Make these proposals visible and explicit.
  • Support Interface Designers to create interfaces that best enable the experiences we aim for.

You’ll be a good fit if you


  • Speak fluent English.
  • Can relocate to Berlin.
  • Value interacting with people in a respectful, open way.
  • Know enough about music production to get up to speed and work with the team. You don’t have to be a producer yourself, but you need to have an understanding how music production software and workflows work.

Product Design

  • Can design products that enable valuable and enjoyable experiences for the people that use them. You can do this working with diverse goals and constraints.
  • Have a good knowledge of research and design methods to adapt, plan and conduct the right activities for different goals and constraints. You have direct experience with interviews and usability studies, and knowledge of other methods.
  • Are familiar with UI design practices and can collaborate with UI designers to support them in delivering production interfaces.
  • Understand how hypotheses can be used to direct design and explore different options around a given problem or opportunity.
  • Can facilitate discussions and resolve disagreements around design decisions.
  • Have visual and written skills to express insights, ideas and designs in a way that support productive conversations. You help the team and everyone else involved understand how a design relates to the big picture and what is important or unique about it.
  • Planning and organisation
  • Understand the difference between making things to learn from or to deliver to users, as well as the differences in approaches you need for these.
  • Have the organisational skills to help plan approaching a feature with your team, and manage your own work. You understand how to set and use goals to guide work, and can make choices about next steps based on priority and risk.


  • See user experience as an integral part of day-to-day team conversations.
  • Find and pursue new ideas on your own.
  • Seek to quickly learn about and explore different options, discarding less promising ones as needed.

Working at Ableton

Here at Ableton, we come from a wide range of cultural and professional backgrounds. What connects us is the shared belief that each of us has the skills and knowledge to contribute to something big: helping to shape the future of music culture.

We’re passionate about what we do, and equally as passionate about improving who we are. We work hard to foster an environment in which people can grow both personally and professionally.

With us, you’ll work in a relaxed but dynamic environment, surrounded by people who love music and technology. You’ll be creatively challenged, encouraged to develop and improve, and become part of an expanding, diverse company.

How to Apply

If you meet these criteria, please submit your resume including a cover letter and a portfolio or case studies that show us how you work. Please let us know your possible starting date and your preferred salary.

Please submit your application trough the web form: http://jobs.ableton.com/apply/bvpzA2ANa9/UX-Designer?source=germanupa

Thank you for your interest!